God puts people in your life for a reason.  Our relationship with Jason and his family is a true testimony to that statement.  The Cline’s became our neighbors about seven years ago.  While getting to know them, Jason always talked about his passion for helping everyday people and couples learn to manage finances to better their lives and the lives of their families.

My wife and I have been blessed with good careers and salaries for years but neglected to focus on our finances.  We had no financial plan so we spent freely, accumulated debt, and it became stressful maintaining that lifestyle.  We needed help!  That’s when we realized that the guidance and knowledge we were seeking was right next door.  We just needed the courage and faith to acquire Jason’s services.  Since working with Jason, we now have a plan for our spending.  We are reducing our debt which has also reduced our stress levels.  Jason has been with us every step of the way along this journey providing valuable tools, guidance and accountability.  With his support, we are realizing the benefits of having a plan for our finances and we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Jason’s services have been Heaven sent and we highly recommend him to all we know.

Kenyon and Stephanie

Money management is an area where I have always struggled to feel “enough”.  Most books and systems are too complicated and I wasn’t able to stick with budgeting.  Jason helped me to change my relationship with money by seeing my budget as a tool.  For the first time I could see where my money was going and that I had enough to meet my family’s needs and goals.  With Jason’s help and encouragement I now have a budget that is simple to sustain because it works for my life.



Jason is passionate about helping people manage their money.  I had a basic budget in mind, but Jason gave me tools to use to actually see where my money was going every month.  That made it much easier to see how I could use my paychecks more efficiently to pay down debt and increase my giving and saving.


I was faced with a decrease in income and a very costly home repair.  I found myself in debt for the first time in years.  I enrolled in Jason’s budgeting class to try and organize my finances.  Through the weekly classes and the one-on-one sessions (specifically targeting my personal finances) I was able to make a plan for living with my current income and paying off my debt.  It was a huge relief and I’m moving forward with confidence.