Ready to get your head above water?

What is the main thing someone needs to do when they are drowning?  Get their head above water!

Getting your head above water allows you to breathe.  Being able to breathe is important if you want to survive.

Drowning financially means that you…
1.  Are living paycheck to paycheck
2.  Have little or no money in savings
3.  Have no budget/financial plan in place
4.  Are not able to give money to your church, favorite charity, etc.
5.  Can’t pay the minimum payment on all your debt(s)

Everyone is at a different place with their finances.  Some have money in savings and others do not.  Some have a lot of debt and others do not.  Some are able to give but for most it just doesn’t happen.

The one consistency I see with people who are drowning financially is that they don’t have a plan.  They don’t know where their money is going each month.  Without a plan, it’s impossible to make the most of our your money.

If this sounds like you, are you ready to make a change?  Maybe you’re tired of feeling hopeless, exhausted and defeated.  You’re ready to stop asking questions like “How am I going to make it to my next paycheck?“.

I know that setting up a budget can be overwhelming.  It’s hard to know where to start and how to maintain it each month.

Below are a few steps you can take today to start a budget and get your head above water…

  1.  Divide your budget into 3 parts – Give, Save and Live.  Try to Give and Save a portion of your income  each month.
  2.  For the Live section of your budget, divide all of your expenses into the following categories:
    One-Time Expenses (mortgage, utilities, insurance, childcare, debts, etc)
    Cash Envelopes – consider using cash for certain expenses (eating out, vehicle maintenance, co-pays, pet care, etc).  Using cash can help keep your spending under control while allowing you to save for future expenses like tires, car repairs, doctor bills, pet supplies, etc.
    Debit Card Expenses – there are certain expenses like groceries and gas that you can use a debit card to buy.  Since these expenses happen frequently, it’s usually easier to keep that money in the bank.

Are you ready to get your head above water?  If this area of your life is a weakness for you, don’t try to tackle it alone.  Get some help from someone who can help keep you accountable.  Having accountability in your life will help you achieve success.  If you are ready to make a change and need some help, email me at or check out my website at