Are you settling for anything less than the best?

Fractions!  That word makes some people scream.

There is one word you have to remember when working with fractions – SIMPLIFY!  If you do not simplify your final answer, you won’t get the problem right.  For example, leaving an answer as 6/12 has to be simplified to 1/2.  It’s not that the answer is wrong, it’s just not the best answer.  Many people (including myself) have missed many math problems over the years because we settled for the second best answer.

Are there areas in your life where you have settled for second best?  Maybe you didn’t know what to do or didn’t feel equipped in that area of your life.  It’s important that we find help in the areas we are weak.

The same is true when it comes to finances.  Settling for second best may keep us from experiencing financial freedom.  Having a written plan/budget that is easy to follow has helped me simplify this area of my life.  Here are 5 things you can today to move toward financial freedom…

  1. Divide your budget into 3 sections – Giving, Saving and Spending
  2. Set a goal for each.  One option is to Give 10%, Save 10% and Spend 80%.  If you can’t meet that goal now, don’t worry.  Start where you can and work toward it over time.
  3. Write down all of your one-time expenses.  These are things like mortgage, utilities, insurance, childcare, other debts, etc.  You pay them one-time and don’t have to think about them until next month.
  4. Consider using cash envelopes.  You can use cash for things like eating out, vehicle maintenance, gifts, pet care/supplies, etc.  Using cash can help you control certain budget items.  It can also allow you to save up for expenses that will eventually happen (new tires, doctor bills, etc).
  5. Use your debit card for everything else.  If you don’t want to use cash for things like gas and groceries, leave this amount in your checking account and pay for them using your debit card.

Budgeting is not an easy task.  Having someone to help you and walk with you through the process can help make financial freedom a reality.  If I can help you in any way, you can email me at or schedule a session on my website at