Want to be more prepared for Christmas next year?

Think about how much better Christmas would be without the burden of additional debt.

For many people, the joy of giving to others at Christmas is often overshadowed by stress and debt.  Using credit to pay for Christmas seems so easy and we usually have good intentions to pay the balance off very quickly.  Then the bill shows up and it’s tempting just to pay the minimum payment.  Once the balance is finally paid, we are disgusted to see how much interest we ended up paying.

I recently read an article that said the average holiday debt continues to grow – $986 in 2015, $1003 in 2016 and $1054 in 2017.

There is a better way…

One way that helps is to prepare early.  If you can save a little each month starting in January, you’ll have the money you need for Christmas.  Then you won’t have to worry and stress during the holidays.

Here are some steps you can take between now and January 1…
1.  Determine a total amount that you would like to have for Christmas and divide it by 12.
2.  Go to your bank and open up a free savings account.
3.  When you get paid, move the budgeted amount to the new savings account using online banking.
4.  When it’s time to buy Christmas gifts, take out this money in cash and buy your gifts.

You can also add other holidays to this account (Easter, Kids Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, etc).

If you would like help becoming a better saver, click HERE.  I would love to help you simplify your finances.