How to get Financial Peace

Yesterday my wife’s check was deposited into the bank.  After 10 minutes, I had done the 3 things I needed to do – give, save and spend.  There was no confusion, no doubt and no frustration.  Having a plan allows us to have peace when dealing with our finances.

We haven’t always had peace in this area of our lives.  When we first got married over 15 years old, things were much different.  We had about $40,000 in debt not including our house.  We didn’t have a budget that we followed consistently.  We didn’t work well together as a couple.  Dealing with finances was very frustrating the Cline household.  Most of our arguments started because of our finances.

We still have issues from time to time but we have found financial peace.  We are able to give, save and spend like we want and need to.  We live on less that we make.  We are able to go on vacation and help others as needed.  Our only debt is the house and we have a plan to pay that off in the next few years.

Go to and schedule a session with me.  I can help you find financial peace.  It won’t happen overnight but it will happen.  Don’t try to do it alone anymore.  Let me help you.