Ready to reduce the number of financial emergencies in your life?

Something is always breaking at my house. The car needs to be fixed, the dishwasher is not draining, the dryer is not turning on, someone gets sick. The list goes on and on. When things like this happen, they are often referred to as an EMERGENCY.

Before I started handling my finances correctly, it seemed like everything was an emergency. I didn’t have any money saved so I had to use the credit card to pay for it. I just never could get ahead. Do you ever feel this way? The only way you’ll ever start to get ahead is if you get an emergency fund.

What is an Emergency Fund? It’s a separate savings account that is used only for large, unexpected events like the ones named above. This will keep you from going further into debt when something big happens.

How much money do I need in my Emergency Fund? An ideal goal would be to have $1,000 in this account. If you make less that $20,000/year, your goal could be $500.

Here are 5 things you can do right now to start building your Emergency Fund…
1.  Sell some of your unused stuff
2.  Take on a part-time job
3.  Save any extra money you get (Christmas money, birthday money, tax return, bonus at work)
4.  Make a budget
5.  Cut spending

When you have an emergency fund, you will see that you have fewer emergencies because you now have the money to for it.

If reading this motivated you to get started, I would love to help you simplify your finances. Click HERE to schedule a consultation with me.